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Jessica Ballantyne - Up Skirt | Nudes Fine Art
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Jessica Ballantyne - "Up Skirt"

"Up Skirt"

Up Skirt
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,420

Up Skirt

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1200mm x H: 1800mm x D: 40mm
W: 47" x H: 71" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 4.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,420


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About "Up Skirt"

Strong angles play a role in this work which involves the idea of the pervert looking up a woman's skirt but at the same time the woman appears to be about to step on the viewer...she is dominating the space

Jessica Ballantyne

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About Jessica

Jessica Ballantyne

For my final year at university (which this body of work represents) I concentrated fully on the female figure. Using photography and photoshop as an aid, I manipulated images of my body and super imposed stereotypical signs of femininity, in most cases lace, over the body or parts of the body. I'm interested in the objectified female form,which informs most of my works on display. In my work it is usually what is unseen that provokes the viewer. I wish to communicate as a woman the damaging effect of many male and female portrayals of women as "Woman", as an object as a sexual thing. At the same time I'm relating my experience of being a woman and being looked at to the viewer by making my bodies larger than life and somewhat threatening...

Price Range

US$ 655-1,966



student exhibitions at the university in 2006,2007 and 2008
Magpie art gallery in Centurion. titled Zeitgeist 2009


Ba Fine Arts at University of Pretoria

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