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Abe Heuer

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"Perception No. 2"
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Perception No. 2
US$ 588

"Trees on Hills"
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Trees on Hills
US$ 316

"SixTrees Sharing a Space"
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SixTrees Sharing a Space
US$ 316

"Group of Trees in Warm Sun"
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Group of Trees in Warm Sun
US$ 316

"Two Trees on Sunlit Plane"
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Two Trees on Sunlit Plane
US$ 316

"Rhinoceros and Earth No 3"
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Rhinoceros and Earth No 3
US$ 817

"Treescape No. 8"
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Treescape No. 8
US$ 817

"Treescape No. 7"
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Treescape No. 7
US$ 762

"Distant Long Mountain Magaliesburg"
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Distant Long Mountain Magaliesburg
US$ 436

"Misty Morning in Maropeng"
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Misty Morning in Maropeng
US$ 436

"Treescape with Buffalos"
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Treescape with Buffalos
US$ 762

"Spice Grinder Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar"
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Spice Grinder Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar
US$ 250

"Perceptions No. 1"
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Perceptions No. 1
US$ 621

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US$ 523

"Maropeng farm barn"
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Maropeng farm barn
US$ 468

"Quiet Lake"
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Quiet Lake
US$ 436

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Abe Heuer

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About Abe

Abe Heuer

Born 1956 - Johannesburg. I was always artistic from a very young age. In my teens I did art mostly for myself, my family and friends. I was also interested in design and architecture and finally went on to study Interior Design in 1980/81 & 82.

Even though I did some formal training in fine art while studying I am mostly a self taught artist which I prefer. I don't like to learn from art teachers as this would affect my own methods of painting etc and helps me to become a more of a unique artist with my own style.

My work is in acrylics and in oils and I love both mediums. My paintings are not realistic renderings although they appear detailed. They are going towards a more emotive and organic expressiveness and at times semi-abstract especially my landscapes. My paintings have a very textile feel and look to them due to the textural finish of the painting which adds to the organic expressiveness. My subjects vary greatly from Still life to Landscapes / treescapes and seascapes to impressionistic work to Abstract work and abstract expressionism.

I greatly admire Jackson Pollock's total freedom of expression and his contribution as an abstract expressionist.

Price Range

US$ 250-1,089



- Artist Under the Sun. - (1981 - 82)
- I worked as a professional in Interior Design as well as Interior/Exterior signage from 1983 until I took early retirement at the end of 2010 so that I can concentrate on my fine art on a full time basis.
- 2010 & 2011 I was working on my new works for outdoor exhibitions as well
as indoor art gallery exhibitions
- ArtiChoke Art Gallery, Magaliesburg. - 2012 - 2013
- Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind. - 2013 & 2014
- Artist Under the Sun. - (2014) (approved exhibitor)
- ISIS Gallery. (2014/2015) (Now closed)
- Alice Art Gallery. (2015)
- State of the Art Gallery on 6th.(2016)
- Chris Tugwell Gallery, Pretoria and now at Cosmos(2015/2016/2017/2018 - )


3 yrs Interior Design, early 80's - Wits Tech Dept Art & Design.

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