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Impressionist Art

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Start looking through our online gallery now to see the large range of original art that is available to buy today at affordable prices. We are sure that you will find a piece of work painted in the impressionism style that would look great in your home or office.

Our online gallery site has a broad range of art types that includes impressionist paintings as well as sculptures, photographs and many more, plus navigating around it is easy! You can select your area of interest from the subject or category options on the gallery menu, this will display all the items we have in that specific section.

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Why not have a look at the impressionism section of our art gallery right now. You may just find your dream impressionist painting!


Family Life Africa "Family Life Africa"
Terry Ann Kalinko

Oil on Canvas, US$1,369

Valley in Boland South Africa "Valley in Boland South Africa"
Rita Kili


Piebald Horse "Piebald Horse"
Tatu Penrith

Oil on canvas, US$1,497

Szereto es Baratnö "Szereto es Baratnö"
Harriet Jameson Pellizzari

Acrylic on canvas, US$1,426

Profile "Profile"
Lola Di Paolo Dunston

Silkscreen, US$128


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