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Fine Art

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The wide variety of fine art on display in our online art gallery is currently available to buy at very reasonable prices. Take a look through the range of fine art works we have here, we are sure you will find something you like.

Browse over 20,000 works of art by category, subject or through using the advanced art search option. This allows you to pinpoint pieces of art with your exact specifications by defining values for a range of options such as style, size and price.

Once you have found an item of art that takes your interest click on the image to be taken through to it's individual page. Here you will find out all you need to know to assist you with your buying decision. Details concerning the price and exact size of the fine art work will be displayed along with any other relevant information. In some cases this can include a biography of the artist, direct contact details and exhibitions where they have shown their work.

Another useful feature on our fine art web pages is the similar artists section. This shows artists with a similar or complementary style to the work of art currently displayed. If you like the work of the artist on the page then you may also enjoy the art produced by the other artists listed. Following these links gives you another way to search through the varied fine art works on our site.

When you locate a piece of art that you would like to buy you will find that the process is very easy to use. We accept all major credit cards and deliver all over the world. Our deliveries are insured against damage and loss for your piece of mind.

So go to the section containing your favourite style or medium of fine art now and start browsing. We are sure you will find a piece of art you love and because you are at you know it will be at a very reasonable price!


Dark Forest "Dark Forest"
Hein van der Merwe

Oil on board, US$4,079

Settling the Differences "Settling the Differences"
Llise Dodd

acrylic, US$245

The wind of my soul "The wind of my soul"
Tersa Buter

oil on canvas, US$979

wild fruit stamvrugte "wild fruit stamvrugte"
Oliver Spedding

acrylics on 350gsm paper, US$832

Red "Red"
Wendy Potgieter

Oil, US$163


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