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Sarah Richards - African Scops Owl | Animals & Wildlife Art Original Art
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Sarah Richards - "African Scops Owl"

"African Scops Owl"

African Scops Owl
Bronze, US$ 1,318 1,252

African Scops Owl

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W: 180mm x H: 200mm x D: 130mm
W: 7" x H: 8" x D: 5"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,252


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About "African Scops Owl"

This sculpture was commissioned by the Wildlands Conservation
Trust as part of thier annual Art for Conservation fundraising
Exhibition in 2005. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the sculpture will be donated to the Trust for use in their numerous projects.

Edition of 30, 23 available for purchase
One of Africa’s smallest owls, this widely
distributed, notoriously mysteriously creature
has a voice which is synonymous with quiet
African Savanna evenings.
By day it camouflages itself in trees with bark
resembling its plumage, sitting upright and
elongated close against the stump. With ‘ear
tufts’ protruding it will often resemble a dead
The owl hunts at night, preying almost
exclusively on insects on the ground, yet will
also spend long periods in the tree tops calling
at precise regular intervals. This insect-like
‘prrrrpt’ call has a mysterious ventriloquial
nature, and does not seem to make spotting
the owl much easier.

They nest in holes in trees from late winter
into spring and will sometimes hide in them
during the day in the non-nesting season. A
habit which adds to their mysterious nature.

Sarah Richards

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About Sarah

Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards is an established South African artist living in a country town called Nottingham Road, KwaZulu/Natal. She is known for her experimentation with a diversity of visual mediums. Her specialization in bronze sculpture explores her love of nature, form and movement, combining detail with gestural marks.
In commissioned work she merges the clients vision of their chosen animal/bird with her own expressive style:
Imagine your feelings, passion, delight or any special relationship you have with a wild/domestic animal captured forever in bronze. Working in close relationship with the client Sarah Richards creatively expresses the unique character traits of the bird/animal she sculpts. She will also do human form commissions and portrait busts.

Price Range

US$ 1,004-4,141



Currently at several Galleries in KwaZulu/Natal,Gauteng and Cape
- NSA Gallery 1998 (solo) - small bronze and concrete sculpture
- Artseen The Grillroom Café, Innes Rd, Durban, August 2002.
- ArtSPACE Durban 29 August 2011 – Bronze sculpture and paintings - Further
- ArtSPACE Durban, February 2008, Masters Exhibition of Oil paintings - Forward

- Sardine Run mixed media mural – King Shaka Airport 2014
- Portrait bust of King Goodwill Zwelitini and Mandela for public park in Richards Bay 2014
- National Heritage Project Life-size figures of King Nyabela and Doman as part of a large project 2012 -2013
- Cane Cutter – life-size bronze for the Cane Growers Association to commemorate the arrival of the Indian
- cane cutters 2012
Lifesize Nyala for private game Farm development
- Fish Eagle for Nedbank Golf challenge as gift for
players (edition of 18)


Fine Art -Technikon Natal (1989) -Higher diploma

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