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Lyle Schalkwyk - After School | Surrealist Art Art Painting
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Lyle Schalkwyk - "After School"

"After School"

After School
Oil on Canvas, US$ 884

After School

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Oil on Canvas

W: 2000mm x H: 2000mm x D: 60mm
W: 79" x H: 79" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 10kg

This work is unframed


US$ 884


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About "After School"

'After School Antics'
Oil on Canvas
200cm x 200cm

This large-scale work is essentially a personal interpretation of one of a series of photographs I'd taken in 2008 in Cape Town's famous Company Gardens, which run the full length down the side of South Africa's Houses of Parliament.

Of the many interesting scenes I captured on came, some of the most intesting where of this group of pupils from Cape Town High School at rest and play in the Gardens after school was over. Upon seeing me in the distance taking pics of their antics, one of the young men seemed to feel especially compelled to show off his athletic prowess.

The image that 'After School Antics' is based had captured the young man in the process of flipping from his back onto his feet, which, if one were to not know the context of the image, creates a strange tension, with the lad seemingly levitating timelessly in this gravity-defying position above the earth.

I thought the image captured that universal moment in time where in the process of moving from youth to adulthood, there is such a sense of great potential, youth burning with the promise and hope of the future still to come.

However, as many of us learn, the future is something of an unknown, unfixed space, somewhat like the dark yet shimmering night sky, not unlike the cosmic, cloudy space which the young man seems to hover over in the painting.

Lyle Schalkwyk

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About Lyle

Lyle Schalkwyk

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but creativity"
- Albert Einsten

My relationship with painting is an ever-evolving one, though it's proven in most part to be about exploring the potential of the medium, experimenting with ideas and imagery. It's about having fun and creating objects of beauty, captivation - and occassionally to create works which inspire contemplation and fresh ways of thinking and seeing - to put out into the world for others to enjoy.

My painting style could be called eclectic, varied and playful and I approach each work in a working style that I feel will either satisfy, engage or challenge the viewer, and which will do the subject of the work the greatest justice depending on which direction the working process end up going in.

Price Range

US$ 324-884



Sasol New Signatures Art Competition 2008: Top 5 Merit Award Winner for oil-on-canvas piece, "Pause", purchased by Sasol and now housed as part of the Sasol Corporate Art Collection.

ABSA L'Atelier Art Awards 2010: Top 10 Merit Awards for oil-on-canvas work "Blou van Onse Hemel".


Top 1st Year Student at UCT's Michealis School of Fine Art

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