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Alan Weiss

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US$ 5,185

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US$ 477

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US$ 2,044

"African Dust"
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African Dust
US$ 4,748

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US$ 5,327

"All Art Is Propaganda"
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All Art Is Propaganda
US$ 5,340

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US$ 6,294

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US$ 3,737

"Buffalo Sunset"
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Buffalo Sunset
US$ 1,367

"Prelude to the Anthropocene"
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Prelude to the Anthropocene
US$ 5,340

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US$ 1,367

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US$ 1,367

"Red Rhino"
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Red Rhino
US$ 1,760

"I See You  (Ingiyakubona Wena)"
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I See You (Ingiyakubona Wena)
US$ 1,465

"The Hunt"
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The Hunt
US$ 2,803

"Equus Caballus"
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Equus Caballus
US$ 3,737

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Alan Weiss

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About Alan

Alan Weiss

As an accomplished artist with over five decades of experience, I have developed a unique and captivating style that has drawn the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. My studio is based in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, where I create masterful works of art primarily using oils on canvas.

My passion for art started in 1969, and I have since built a successful career as a professional artist, with a focus on wildlife, portraits, and landscapes. While my work is realistic and representative in nature, I am not limited to any specific style or subject matter, and I often explore new techniques and ideas to keep my art fresh and exciting. I paint primarily in oils on linen canvas.

My art is deeply rooted in my life experiences, and I hope that my paintings inspire and connect with others on a personal level. As an artist, I believe that my work is not complete until it resonates with the viewer and evokes an emotional response with a direct connection to their own life experience.

In addition to being inspired by the old masters, I draw inspiration from contemporary artists like John Singer Sargent, Bo Bartlett, Andrew Wyeth, Odd Nerdrum, Knut-Andre Vikshaland, Vincent Desiderio, and Antonio Lopez Garcia.

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new art enthusiast, I invite you to experience the beauty and passion of my art and join me on this incredible journey.

My work is represented internationally by SAATCHI ART, by ARTOUI & ARTMO galleries in Germany, and by OCCHI CONTEMPORARY ART in London & New York,

Price Range

US$ 357-6,294



Finalist in the New York Artios Gallery "United Through Art" exhibition 2020.
Published interview in Occhi Magazine "In Conversation with Visual Artist /Architect Alan James Weiss"


B.A. Honours degree from Middlesex University in London

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