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Bridget Paterson

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US$ 522

"Flower for the teacher"
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Flower for the teacher
US$ 261

"My Michelle"
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My Michelle
US$ 522

"Anthurium 2  Red Series"
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Anthurium 2 Red Series
US$ 157

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US$ 313

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US$ 1,044

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Bridget Paterson

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About Bridget

I'm inspired by many things, the touch and feel of paint, paper, canvass, colours, brushes, the scent of linseed oil, memories of happier times. I love colour, American Tribal Style dance, the swishing of skirts, the beauty of my tribal sisters. For too long I squashed my creativity into a box at the back of a cupboard, now in the healing process of a broken life, that box has been opened and Oh my gosh look what's inside there! There is so much to explore and so much to paint. I love portraits, they tax my brain and hand,often painting themselves, even though I use references from many photographers. And by the way each photographer has given their permission for me to refer to their photographs, and the subjects have also agreed to be painted/drawn, or whatever happens when I have a blank surface in front of me.

Price Range

US$ 157-1,044





Diploma in Graphic Design from Technikon Natal

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