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Carla Pontes

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"Crown of Majestic Leaves"
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Crown of Majestic Leaves
US$ 229

"Vibrant Jungle Leaves"
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Vibrant Jungle Leaves
US$ 229 217

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Carla Pontes

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About Carla

Carla Pontes

Carla Pontes - Brazilian Artist, Health Coach & Researcher Residing in the enchanting Greyton, South Africa.

My artistic journey unfolded unexpectedly when I was first introduced to teeth sculpture using wax blocks during my dental education. Since that unassuming beginning, I've explored various creative expressions, and this journey has evolved into a powerful river flowing within my soul.

Nature, with its ever-changing beauty, serves as my perpetual muse. Every brush stroke and every colour is an ode to the enchanting natural world.

My botanical art is a testament to this deep connection. I meticulously gather elements from my garden and the surrounding landscapes, preserving their ephemeral beauty on paper. Each piece is not just a representation but a celebration--a delicate dance between observation and imagination.

Yet, my art is not just about visual aesthetics; it is a profound tool for emotional and mental well-being. It serves as a compass through the labyrinth of emotions, offering solace and reflection in a chaotic world, a beacon of light in the darkness.

Allow my art to become a window to nature's tranquility and splendor in your life.

Let it remind us of the beauty surrounding us, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

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US$ 229-229



PhD in health sciences

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