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Cheryl Browne

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"Odd One"
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Odd One
US$ 59

"Helicopter Sky"
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Helicopter Sky
US$ 95

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Cheryl Browne

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About Cheryl

Cheryl Browne

I am passionate about all things beautiful and my motto is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
Most of my work is inspired by my young son who has a remarkable talent and imagination that I have always wanted to somehow preserve. Most of my subject matter is based on children's drawings which for me depict imagination in the purest way - no preconceived ideas or stereo typed influences. I think we can learn so much from these drawings and appreciate them in a way we haven't done before.
Whilst most of my work available for sale is based on my own son[0x1]s drawings, I am mostly commissioned to paint based on my client[0x1]s children[0x1]s drawings.

Children are the source of an abundance of pleasure and to capture some of that by way of painting is for me the greatest gift.

Price Range

US$ 59-95



Self taught

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