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Drienie Hough

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"Lady with Dove "
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Lady with Dove
US$ 149

"Lady with Roses"
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Lady with Roses
US$ 90

"Lady with Roses II"
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Lady with Roses II
US$ 90

"Lady with Headband"
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Lady with Headband
US$ 90

"Flying Dove"
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Flying Dove
US$ 111

"Two Figures"
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Two Figures
US$ 68

"Figures 11"
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Figures 11
US$ 68

"Martha the Mysterious"
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Martha the Mysterious
US$ 278

"Lady with Fish"
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Lady with Fish
US$ 102

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US$ 87

"After Michelangelo"
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After Michelangelo
US$ 260

"Thoughts on Venice"
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Thoughts on Venice
US$ 371

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Drienie Hough

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About Drienie

I have a passion to create, whatever medium I use to quiet that urge, whether its painting or pottery. An artist must allow himself to break free from the set ways, allowing to grow, to experiment, and even make mistakes. In art there is no rules, dont look for the mistakes in art, try to find the dream behind that.Through my art that is what I am trying to do.

Price Range

US$ 68-371


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