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Greta De Sutter

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"Unlike a Bird on a Wire"
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Unlike a Bird on a Wire
US$ 137

"Father and Son"
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Father and Son
US$ 410

"Survival of the Oppressor - Motion 1"
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Survival of the Oppressor - Motion 1
US$ 182

"Survival of the Oppressor - Motion 2"
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Survival of the Oppressor - Motion 2
US$ 182

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Greta De Sutter

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About Greta

Greta De Sutter

For the last 20 years I[0x1]ve spent my life in South Africa, after traveling for plenty and many years across Africa, South America and Europe.
My teachers Diploma has long come to rest and the course of my career as a Ceramist has been fed by my world view experience.
It has been sculpture that always served as a tool to express my feelings.
My aim is to create Art that opens up discussion and evokes emotion. My current work deals a lot with the reality of life. We[0x1]re living in a society desensitized to violence. We are bombarded by the media with news around war, murder, rape, abuse, famish, poaching and we live more and more in denial as a way to survive.
Some of my work can be seen as installations, only as a tool to create interplay between the work and the observer. By being able to move certain parts around, another emotion is created and the observer has become part of the product by giving it its own expression.
Mostly it is the human fragility that touches my interest. A landscape of the human mind that can move from a healthy functional body to the depth of the pathological state of mind can give lots of inspiration, all based on what the world has done to us[0x1] or what we have done to the world.

Price Range

US$ 137-410



First Signature Prize 2008 for the Cape Regional Exhibition.
Taken part on different exhibitions in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Teacher Foreign Languages

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