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Heloise De Beer

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"Wistful Dreams"
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Wistful Dreams
US$ 111

"All Her Worldly Goods"
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All Her Worldly Goods
US$ 529

"Himba Bride"
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Himba Bride
US$ 521

"Calla Lilies"
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Calla Lilies
US$ 77

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US$ 260

"Northern Cape Vineyard"
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Northern Cape Vineyard
US$ 221

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US$ 577

"A Himba Maiden"
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A Himba Maiden
US$ 486

"Traditional Headdress"
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Traditional Headdress
US$ 86

"African Lady Faceted"
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African Lady Faceted
US$ 230

"Mischievous Boy"
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Mischievous Boy
US$ 60

"San Grandfather"
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San Grandfather
US$ 391

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US$ 130

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US$ 97

"Vineyard, Late Afternoon"
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Vineyard, Late Afternoon
US$ 148

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US$ 79

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Heloise De Beer

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About Heloise

Heloise De Beer

I've been drawing since I was quite young and people encouraged me to go on, which was very good, because young children tend to stop drawing at about 10 years of age. So, after school I did stop drawing/painting and only started again by going for lessons privately a long time afterwards, and eventually ended up going to Ruth Prowse School of Art for refreshment. I went on doing fabric painting professionally and sold quite a few African stuff to overseas buyers through a shop. A few years ago started with oils and eventually tried acrylics, now I do not want to go back to oils, I like painting with acrylics so much. I love faces. I like to paint people too. I also really love colours and to paint realistically. Abstract art, unless it evokes an emotion in me with the use of colour, I don't understand fully - I just like it when any painting 'speaks' to you. So, I guess, realistic art in most forms appeals to me, especially accompanied by bright, vibrant colours - I just love it when a painting 'jumps' out at you!
I've also recently started doing mosaics, what a pleasure. Did two big "paintings" and then went on to practical stuff, like pot stands, and mirrors. Hard work, but so rewarding and colourful, the criteria that appeals to me.
I would like to paint landscape commissions, which I have done recently and quite enjoyed doing! And in the meantime I went for lessons in oil-painting, and started doing oil painting again.

Price Range

US$ 60-577



Exhibited at Hogsback "Christmas in July" festival recently and sold some paintings there.
Exhibited locally at our library several times and sold some paintings again, isn't God good?!


Matriculated, and studied (later) at Ruth Prowse School of Art.

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