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Jo Wicht

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"Totally Wrecked"
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Totally Wrecked
US$ 365

"Early Morning on the Terrace"
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Early Morning on the Terrace
US$ 365

"A Kandinsky for the Sheik"
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A Kandinsky for the Sheik
US$ 228

"Pumpkins 1"
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Pumpkins 1
US$ 114

"Pumpkins 2"
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Pumpkins 2
US$ 114

"The Way Beyond the Blue"
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The Way Beyond the Blue
US$ 411

"Ships of the Desert, Grillental"
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Ships of the Desert, Grillental
US$ 205

"The Topaz Seller's Children"
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The Topaz Seller's Children
US$ 411

"Daisy Time in Springbokfontein"
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Daisy Time in Springbokfontein
US$ 274

"Moroccan Memories"
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Moroccan Memories
US$ 342

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US$ 160

"Flying Free"
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Flying Free
US$ 183

"Alte Kalkofen"
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Alte Kalkofen
US$ 219

"Under the Volcano"
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Under the Volcano
US$ 319

"Frida Umvungazi"
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Frida Umvungazi
US$ 342

"Willem of Uranoop"
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Willem of Uranoop
US$ 251

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Jo Wicht

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About Jo

Jo Wicht

I started my career in art as a woodcarver of decoy ducks and other birds. A man I met at that time had a wonderful set of carving chisels, so I married him. From then on, bringing up an energetic family took precedence over carving, but the hobby took off again as the children grew older, hitting the peak of the decoy-duck-on-the-coffee-table and chintzy cottage-look decor era. As decorating fashions changed and the demand for birds waned, I was invited to join a small art group and then took classes in oils with Andrea Desmond Smith. Simultaneously, I found a gem and mineral club which lead us to wonderful out of the way places, visiting abandoned mines or hunting for crystals. The old mines, old rocks, and old tumbled down ruins had an impact me as they held a hauntingly surreal atmosphere of peoples past, but the contrast of local animals, reptiles and birds added life to the barren areas. Locating colourful mineral specimens among the rocks added to my wonder of Nature's creativity. I brought home large and small stones and learnt how to work them, progressing from green serpentine to blue lace agate, and even carving quartz crystals themselves. It followed on naturally to incorporate in my painting these experiences of unspoiled and remote destinations, be they in the Western or Northern Cape, Namibia, or occasionally further abroad in Australia or Morocco. My painting is eclectic and very realistic, but often has an underlying touch of surrealism to make the viewer pause and consider the unusual.

Price Range

US$ 114-502





Educated in England

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