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Joanne Bannister

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"Table View"
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Table View
US$ 701

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Joanne Bannister

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About Joanne

Joanne Bannister

With each painting I want to carry you off to all the beautiful places that have taken my breath away.
I hope that you will smell the ocean, hear the wind through the trees, feel the grass beneath your feet and most of all, the sun on your face…

Through Butterfly Art I hope to show you just how awesome this planet of ours is.
To remind the whole world that there is so much beauty hidden in clear sight.
It is a gift, free for all of us, if only we would take time to become present…, to slow down and appreciate the wonder of all that we have been made guardians of…
And then perhaps, respect and preserve that beauty for those that will follow us…

Price Range

US$ 701-701



No formal art instruction.

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