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Lloyd Mhowa

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"Farm Scene"
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Farm Scene
US$ 535

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Lloyd Mhowa

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About Lloyd

Since 1999, Zimbabwe-born artist, Lloyd Mhowa, has captured colorful Portraits and Landscapes of African People, African Wildlife and beautiful African scenery in his Contemporary African Art Paintings.

Every painting by Lloyd Mhowa is authentic art of Africa and a cheerful expression of African life through Mhowa's strong use of color, particularly hues of red and yellow, reminiscent of the spectacular sunsets of Africa (In this regard, his art is more Baroque Art than Expressionist Art, every painting having an obvious "Joie de Vivre," and omitting the "angst" normally associated with classic Expressionist style). His preferred media are oil and acrylic on canvas, with touches of "Chiaroscuro" (light and dark) shading technique.

Lloyd Mhowa only decided to pursue a career in Art after completing matric. He went on to graduate in 2001 with National Diploma Textile Design from Masvingo Technical College, Zimbabwe.

"I call my style of Art "EXPRESSIONIST" because it expresses my EXPERIENCES and emotions of life as an African artist; that's also why I include a portrait of myself in most of my paintings I closely identify with African Township life, having lived in those surroundings all my life.

My CULTURE is especially reflected in my portraits of musicians, which show their love, courage and hard work. I love to visit PLACES of history and the vast landscapes of Africa, especially mountainous areas where I can see Msasa trees and how well the African wildlife camouflage themselves in the bushveld. My favourite artist who INSPIRES me most is Pablo Picasso...his use of different mediums, textures, forms, and mostly his passion for Art".

Commissions are accepted. Have you been on safari or tour to South Africa or Zimbabwe? Acclaimed African artist, Lloyd Mhowa will create a beautiful African Art painting of it for you in his uniquely colorful Expressionist style.
Born March 24, 1977, Machipisa Township, Highfield, Harare, Zimbabwe

Price Range

US$ 535-535


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