Monique Loeblich | Art Painting | Contemporary Modern Art
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Monique Loeblich

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"City Scape 1"
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City Scape 1
US$ 533

"Man in the Middle"
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Man in the Middle
US$ 388

"Dream Bubbles"
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Dream Bubbles
US$ 339

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Monique Loeblich

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About Monique

Monique Loeblich

Bringing layers of meaning to life. That’s what art means to me.
I was lucky enough to have the sea, the sun and the mountains of Cape Town as my backdrop growing up. My love of the outdoors, the beach and the mountains has given me a strong appreciation of colour and texture.
At age 5 I had my first taste of the joy of creation. It was a pottery lesson - a gift from my parents. It gave me a chance to understand the value of making something with my own two hands.
Working with texture on canvas to create a unique tactile surface is where the artistic process begins for me. This quest has led me to experiment with natural materials as diverse as wood, feathers, leather and even metals.
Starting out studying Interior Design, I went on to a framing apprenticeship with INFINART, the well-known Cape Town framers. Here I saw the beauty of hand-gilded frames firsthand. It was then that I understood the potential of working with gold leaf.
I prefer to work with acrylic on canvas - it’s fast drying and allows me to build layer upon layer of textured beauty. I believe my work can best be described as “colourist and expressionist” building up layers of paint whilst carving patterns into textured pastes to give movement and life to each piece. Once I have completed a piece it fills me with a sense of release. I can then stand back and feel the magnetism of it
My search for inspiration often includes photography, magazines, pop art, travel, dreams and spiritualism. Given my artistic style, it’s not surprising that I adore the works of Picasso, Pollock, Kandinsky and Warhol.
What am I thinking when look at a blank canvas?
“As a creator and artist I want to create something that speaks purely to the viewer’s moods and spirit. It is vital that my work evoke a powerful feeling of joy, pleasure and freedom and that it does so with intensity, charisma and passion.”

Price Range

US$ 339-533



Interior Designer

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