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Paul Sellmann

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"Kudu Landscape"
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Kudu Landscape
US$ 182

"Tiger's Eyes"
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Tiger's Eyes
US$ 291

"Secluded River Bend"
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Secluded River Bend
US$ 182

"Olive Beadle"
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Olive Beadle
US$ 73

"Palace Lake"
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Palace Lake
US$ 163

"Lazy Afternoon Rest"
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Lazy Afternoon Rest
US$ 227

"Wild Dogs/Painted Dogs"
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Wild Dogs/Painted Dogs
US$ 272

"The Real Africa (a Study in Emotions)"
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The Real Africa (a Study in Emotions)
US$ 272

"At Rest But Alert"
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At Rest But Alert
US$ 272

"Impala Ram"
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Impala Ram
US$ 182

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US$ 94

"Happy Together"
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Happy Together
US$ 268

"Elephant Shady Stroll"
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Elephant Shady Stroll
US$ 363

"That Looks Tasty"
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That Looks Tasty
US$ 227

"Flame Lily"
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Flame Lily
US$ 84

"Aaah That's Good"
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Aaah That's Good
US$ 318

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Paul Sellmann

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About Paul

Paul Sellmann

Paul is regarded by people who purchase his work as one of the top South African wildlife artists, he was born and raised in the early 1950s in what was then called Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, in the sprawling town of Bulawayo, near the majestic and hauntingly beautiful Matopo Hills that have an abundance of wildlife, stunning scenery and rock paintings . It was there that Pauls interest in wildlife and art developed. He has done many pencil drawings, Wood carvings and Oil Paintings, Paul paints landscapes and portraits too but always comes back to wildlife. Paul sells most of his works and has often been commissioned to do paintings and drawings. Paul has also on occasions painted pet portraits on commission from good quality photos.

Price Range

US$ 73-454



Paul has not done any formal exhibitions as yet, although his work has been displayed in numerous galleries.


Paul learns from art classes, other artists and life itself.

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