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Penny Meakin

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US$ 1,197

"Crested Guineafowl"
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Crested Guineafowl
US$ 1,425

"Pintail Ducks"
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Pintail Ducks
US$ 741

"Pink-throated Twinspots"
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Pink-throated Twinspots
US$ 125

"Turquoise- Fronted Amazon Parrots"
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Turquoise- Fronted Amazon Parrots
US$ 741

"Wild and Free, Cuban Parrots"
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Wild and Free, Cuban Parrots
US$ 889

"African Grey Parrot Studies"
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African Grey Parrot Studies
US$ 741

"Cuban Amazon Parrots"
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Cuban Amazon Parrots
US$ 741

"Hyacinth Macaws"
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Hyacinth Macaws
US$ 741

"Scarlet Macaws"
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Scarlet Macaws
US$ 1,425

"Yellow-Billed Hornbills"
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Yellow-Billed Hornbills
US$ 319

"Zebra with Oxpecker"
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Zebra with Oxpecker
US$ 125

"Shelley's Francolin"
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Shelley's Francolin
US$ 1,425

"Hens of the Crofter's Cottage"
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Hens of the Crofter's Cottage
US$ 1,129

"The Matriarch"
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The Matriarch
US$ 5,474

"One Horse Town"
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One Horse Town
US$ 912

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Penny Meakin

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About Penny

Penny Meakin

Penny was born in England and her early years were spent growing up in Kenya and later Zambia. Over the years she has developed a passion for the African environment, its wildlife and birds. Game bird art is a speciality of Penny's and she was commissioned by the African Game Bird Research and Development organization to illustrate the acclaimed "Agred's Game Birds of South Africa" (2006) and she was also one of seven artists for the new Roberts 7.
Penny works in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolour, pencil and pen and ink, as well as paper batik. Her artwork has appeared in many popular and scientific publications. Some of the titles include the following:-
'Roberts V11' (2005) and its companion Field Guide (2007) John Voelcker Bird Book Fund - Penny is one of the seven commissioned artists for this landmark publication.
'Agred's Gamebirds of South Africa' (2006) African Gamebird Research and Development Trust
'Rowland Wards's Records of Big Game' (1998) (2002) (2006) Rowland Ward Publications, Johannesburg.
'South African Bird Atlas' (1998) BirdLife South Africa.
Logo design - International Ornithological Conference (Durban 1998)
'Wild Ways' (1992) by Peter Apps. Southern Books (a book on mammal behaviour)
'The South African Red Data Book - Freshwater Fish' (1987)
'Rowland Wards's limited print set editions - Gamebirds of Africa (1991)
Ducks of Africa (1996)
'Struik Pocket Guides': Snakes (1986), Mammals (1988)
'Under a Hunters Moon' (2002) Nino Burelli
'The World's Greatest Wingshooting Destinations' (2002) Chris Dorsey USA.
'Business Jungle' by Andre Diederichs. Naledi publications. (August 2008)

Over the years she has participated in numerous exhibitions in centres around the country.
Penny's other interests include travel, particularly camping safaris visiting reserves in southern African countries as well as wildlife destinations abroad. Bird-watching, canoeing, hiking and horse-riding and mountain biking are amongst Penny's favoured outdoor pursuits.

Cell: 082 4208224

Price Range

US$ 125-5,474



She has participated in numerous exhibitions over the years in Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Gaborone.

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