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Rekha Sinath

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"Birthday Dephiniums"
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Birthday Dephiniums
US$ 295

"In the Limelight"
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In the Limelight
US$ 114

"Purple Tulip"
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Purple Tulip
US$ 272

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US$ 354

"My Garden Fuchsias"
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My Garden Fuchsias
US$ 182

"Parrot Tulip"
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Parrot Tulip
US$ 182

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US$ 272

"Mothers Day Light"
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Mothers Day Light
US$ 227

"Tea and Tote"
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Tea and Tote
US$ 295

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US$ 295

"Blue Vase"
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Blue Vase
US$ 295

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Rekha Sinath

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About Rekha

Rekha Sinath

The Law of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another. My paintings aim to transform the physical energy I use and feel when doing a piece of work to energy that my viewer must feel when seeing my work, to feel the energy of each color mix, each brushstroke, each line drawn and the joy of it all coming together. I aim to lift ones' emotions and for them to experience elation, serenity and peace.
My art is a reflection of the beauty of life as I see it and experience it. It represents the absolute beauty of our world, the promise, the hope and the inspiration it provides for the people of our country and of the world. It captures a moment in time that I wish for, to be eternalized through my art. In the fast growing economy and rapidly deteriorating environment, one cannot be certain that the beauty of today will be there tomorrow, wish to use my art to capture the now. I wish for this to be a record for the future generations of what we were fortunate enough to see and experience and to share this feeling of euphoria and serenity through my art.
Whilst predominantly a watercolorist, I am versatile in most media such as oil, watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink and mixed media. I enjoy painting florals, landscape or still life scenes. I strive to create pleasing compositions that exude happiness and joy. I love color and light therefore allow for the bold yet realistic use of color to capture the excitement and vibrancy of the moment I am depicting.
My art journey began more than 20 years ago, when I wanted to do art as a high school subject. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to do this as an additional subject and shelved my passion while I pursued my academic studies in the very left brain field of engineering.
Upon completion of studies, my free time allowed for my passion to resurface and I began taking art lessons more than 10 years ago. Art was initially a leisurely activity and served as creative outlet, one that allowed for me to have a well balance between the creative, artistic side and the analytical, business side of my daily vocation. In recent years, art is no longer something I do when I have spare time, it has become something I have to do, it has become a need that is only met when I put paint to paper. I have to make time for art as it is no longer a choice but a must.
I have been fortunate enough to be tutored by well-known SA artists through a combination of weekly art lessons and attending art workshops, whilst my never ending quest for self-learning continues.

Price Range

US$ 114-354



The Art People (Drift Boulevard, Gauteng): 2015, 2016, 2017
The International Watercolor Society of Southern Africa: 2018
Sasol Employee Exhibition: 2018


Watercolor diplomoa (London Art College), various art workshops

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