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Salome Langmann

Salome does not currently have any pieces available here - if you are interested in this artist's work please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Salome Langmann

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About Salome

Salome Langmann

I grew up on a farm, in a quaint little town called Delmas. Part of my education was the many hours spent with the Zulu farm workers. As I sat by the fire, eating marog and mielie pap, listening to their stories, I was mesmerized by the rhythm of their native tongue. It was a fluent combination of unfamiliar sounds, but it was music around the soft crackling of the fire.

As a child I loved paying with paint, making little angels, or paint creations only I understood the meaning of at that time. At the mere age of 5, if anyone would have asked me... I wanted to be like my father.
My father, being an artist, rarely let anyone come in his sanctuary of pictures, brushes, paint and half finished paintings. In his absence I’ll slip into the studio, breathing in the rich air of oil paint, touching the cream like texture of paint on the palettes. Just sitting there, in the natural sunlight, stealing little moments of my father, that I couldn’t spent with him in person. Even today, if he is not home I will go upstairs and sit for hours to page trough his collection of old art books.

Price Range

US$ 287-460


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