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Wayne Waldeck

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"Dragonfly Splendour"
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Dragonfly Splendour
US$ 314

"My Queen; now go to Adam!"
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My Queen; now go to Adam!
US$ 127

"Little Predator"
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Little Predator
US$ 170

"Mighty city in ruin"
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Mighty city in ruin
US$ 153

"The Dancers"
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The Dancers
US$ 576

"The Wise Man"
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The Wise Man
US$ 73

"The Heaven Of Evil"
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The Heaven Of Evil
US$ 565

"Happiness In Motion"
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Happiness In Motion
US$ 297

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Wayne Waldeck

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About Wayne

Wayne Waldeck

I have traveled to many countries, seen and experienced many things... not all of them I'd like to remember, especially things pertaining to my 2 year tour in Iraq as a soldier. Protecting, from ministers to businessman, friends, co-workers, much needed supply trucks, to a cat that had to be taken across Iraq's vast and dangerous landscape. For on the other end there is someone that has fallen in love with this little creature and is willing to do anything to preserve it's life and offer it a better existence. Will spend anything to fly it to safer ground! It has opened my eyes that love still means something to someone, somewhere!
The pure brutality of what the human race is capable of astounds me! Not in a good way...
Who and what are we as a collective? Brutal, unforgiving, selfish and hungry for all that is perverted? Where are we heading?

Is there still beauty left within the human psyche, compassion, love?

Yes! There is still hope! I have found such hope and beauty in the woman I love and the children that bear my name. All 5 of them!

There within those is the key, the essence of marvel, admiration and the purest forms of love! It inspires and nourish me! Every work of art I bring forth, they are the strength and beauty I draw from! How fortunate and grateful I am!

Price Range

US$ 73-576



2007 Cafe Pavillion
2007 Savanah
2007 Cafe Pavillion
2008 Baobab Festival
2015 Panorama


Self taught

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