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Gary Frier - Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast | Animals & Wildlife Art Fine Art
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Gary Frier - "Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast"

"Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast"

Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast
Oil, US$ 92

Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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W: 250mm x H: 210mm x D: 22mm
W: 10" x H: 8" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed




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About "Brown Hyena on the Skeleton Coast"

Brown hyenas are one of Africa’s most rare large carnivores. The total population size is estimated to be a maximum of 8000 animals. There are many misconceptions about brown hyenas as the general public’s knowledge about their behaviour and ecology is poor and as they are often compared or confused with their larger relatives the spotted hyena.
Brown hyenas are social animals and live in clans, but they are usually seen foraging on their own and it is not unusual for them to travel as far as 40 km in a single night. They eat nearly everything they can find, from fruit and insects to mammals. Brown hyenas seldom hunt small or medium-sized mammals and usually rely on carcasses of animals, which died naturally or were killed by other carnivores.
The brown hyena’s current conservation status in Namibia is “insufficiently known (vulnerable or endangered)”. The brown hyena population is generally under threat due to land development and direct mortality caused by vehicle traffic and also illegal snaring and poaching are not uncommon.
Our project aims to research the brown hyena in its natural habitat to ensure the long-term conservation and survival of free-ranging brown hyenas and their ecosystem and to create solutions for the conservation of brown hyenas and their habitats.
The Brown Hyena Research Project is a self-funded non-for profit organization based in Namibia.

Gary Frier

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About Gary

Gary Frier

"I believe that making art is a compulsive act of self expression that can only be realized through the collaborative act of creating and experiencing. Creating art for me is about constantly reflecting on my place in the reality. Using art to express a emotional and intellectual and tactile value, discovering how to distill and interpret my interaction with what surrounds me and documenting that personal relationship.

Price Range

US$ 46-2,572



His work is in many private collections in Africa, Europe, America and the U.K. and Asia

Public Collections: Peuple et Culture - Brest (France), Western Cape Department of Economic development South Africa.

National Art Museum Cape Town
National Art Museum (Oliewenhuis) Bloemfontein
Bertha Foundation
BP South Africa (Cape Town)
Joop van den Ende Theater productions - Holland, Embassy of USA, Nairobi
Bertha Foundation
Old mutual private investment
PricewaterhouseCoopers Cape Town
PPS Investments - Claremont
Benguela Cove Lagoon Coastal Wine Estate.


Zonnebloem Art centre,Cape Peninsula University of Technology

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