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Catherine Calder - City Living | Contemporary Art
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Catherine Calder - "City Living"

"City Living"

City Living
Mixed Media, US$ 159

City Living

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Mixed Media

W: 375mm x H: 550mm
W: 15" x H: 22"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 159


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city living mixed media

About "City Living"

Looking at nature and always marvelling at it and appreciating its wonder, it has always amassed me how nature and humans can fit together and adapt. A bird will make his home in the city dwelling. Humans in their destroying of nature in order to build their great cities they neglect to consider that nature still goes on. I think with mere thought we could build our homes and work places coinciding with nature

Catherine Calder

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About Catherine

Catherine Calder

No bells, no whistles, no fuss Catherine Calder is a traditional artist who creates art that is down-to-earth and honest. No pretentious splatters on canvas, no delusions of grandeur, just good ol humble painting. Her work is light and free unbound by excessive drama. She works primarily in watercolours and acrylics, and her subject matter consists of anything that may lighten up the household. If you need to add cheer to your new-born baby[0x1]s room, or simply need that one artwork over the mantelpiece that ties the entire room together, then Catherine work is the type of art that you are looking for. She is a member of WSA watercolour South Africa, as well the Centurion Art Society.

Price Range

US$ 88-335



Miniature art society South Africa MASSA


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