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Traditional Art - Traditional African Art

1369 Works

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Gallery > By Subject > Traditional Art

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"Fish for Dinner"
View Large Image Oil on Board:  W: 380mm x  H: 760mm x  D: 3mm

Fish for Dinner
by Daphne Carew
US$ 326

"Village Gathering"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 800mm x  H: 500mm x  D: 1mm

Village Gathering
by Joshua Sidambe
US$ 1,173

"Lavender Pickers"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 300mm x  H: 450mm x  D: 3mm

Lavender Pickers
by Rosemary Girardi
US$ 99

"Her Red Frock"
View Large Image Print on Paper:  W: 150mm x  H: 210mm

Her Red Frock
by Janice Mendelowitz
US$ 83

"Historic House, Stellenbosch"
View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 420mm x  H: 300mm x  D: 3mm

Historic House, Stellenbosch
by Rosemary Girardi
US$ 91 86

View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 970mm x  H: 1900mm x  D: 40mm

by Jonathan Rowe
US$ 651

"PhotograPiazza Michelangelo Florence"
View Large Image Photograph:  W: 170mm x  H: 150mm

PhotograPiazza Michelangelo Florence
by Michael Tietz
US$ 104

"Men Dance"
View Large Image Charcoal:  W: 370mm x  H: 280mm x  D: 2mm

Men Dance
by Jonathan Joshua
US$ 336

"Working Together 2"
View Large Image Print on Canvas:  W: 295mm x  H: 420mm

Working Together 2
by Adwin Nkomo
US$ 130

"Maasai Herdsman Puzzle"
View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 535mm x  H: 750mm x  D: 50mm

Maasai Herdsman Puzzle
by Wachania Mithayo
US$ 417

"Carrying The Zions"
View Large Image Print:  W: 841mm x  H: 594mm

Carrying The Zions
by Ephraim Ngatane
US$ 3,909

"Zulu Tradition"
View Large Image Pastel:  W: 720mm x  H: 520mm

Zulu Tradition
by Tenny Lerefolo
US$ 261

"Kind en Engele"
View Large Image Print:  W: 150mm x  H: 105mm

Kind en Engele
by Frans Claerhout
US$ 85

"Soccer ma'Africa"
View Large Image Other:  W: 750mm x  H: 540mm

Soccer ma'Africa
by Isaac Sithole
US$ 476

"Walking with grannie"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 790mm x  H: 590mm

Walking with grannie
by Lizette Engelbrecht
US$ 717

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