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Rodger Shagam - Kitesurfer airborne | Animals & Wildlife Art Fine Art
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Rodger Shagam - "Kitesurfer airborne"

"Kitesurfer airborne"

Kitesurfer airborne
Print on Canvas, US$ 197

Kitesurfer airborne

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Print on Canvas

W: 500mm x H: 380mm
W: 20" x H: 15"

Approx. Weight: 0.2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 197


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About "Kitesurfer airborne"

I was wandering around a farm with my son in Australia when we almost tripped over this rooster with a few chickens in tow. It was moving around so fast that it was impossible to focus so I simply pointed and pressed the shutter a few times. This is one of the results...I spent a fair time working on the image on my computer. I think it's a nice representation of movement.
This image is also available on cpapers.

Rodger Shagam

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About Rodger

Rodger Shagam

the world is full of amazing shapes and wonderful colours. The light falling on these images is constantly changing - time of day, weather and seasons all have a bearing. One could walk past something today, yet tomorrow it jumps out at you.
I am a photographer and also have a photo rental library for advertising and publishing. I supply enlargements on canvas or paper. Some images are as the camera saw them and others I manipulate to change the look.

Price Range

US$ 148-295



8 solo exhibitions in Cape Town environs and 2 group exhibitions


National Diploma in Graphic Design as well as Nat Dip Ind Design

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