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Andre Gobregts - Oom Piet (uncle Piet) | Portrait Art Original Art
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Andre Gobregts - "Oom Piet (uncle Piet)"

"Oom Piet (uncle Piet)"

Oom Piet (uncle Piet)
Pencil, US$ 70

Oom Piet (uncle Piet)

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W: 315mm x H: 590mm
W: 12" x H: 23"

This work is unframed


US$ 70


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History of South Africa

About "Oom Piet (uncle Piet)"

I went to my friends farm in Namakwaland in the Northern Cape and they told me how they shot the baboons because of the damage they cause to the farm land.This made me very sad.I picked up one of the baboon skulls and took it home. I had a series of baboon dreams and thought that the real baboons in this story are the farmers who shot this poor animal, so the dead baboon skull rests on the shoulders of the farmers, physically in the picture and spiritually in the boer's mind.

Andre Gobregts

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About Andre

Andre Gobregts

I am a young energetic artist who is inspired by the human soul and our ability to care for one another more than any other species on this planet, and also our ability to do the exact oppisite. I get most of my inspiration from personal experiances, nature and personal interest. I have been doing sketches and paintings since a was a 4yr old boy. I studied art in Paarl and Motion Picture Production Design for three years at City Varsity school of media and creative arts in Cape Town and i have worked in the film industry for 4yrs. I consider myself a very diverse artist when it comes to mediums and can do the following: molding and casting of all sorts of materials, painting, drawing, sculpting, storyboarding, graphic design, prosthetic appliances, SFX make up for film and tv, art directing, murals, set design, backdrop painting etc. Creation is my number one passion and I will do this till the day they lay me to rest.

Price Range

US$ 70-316




One yr art diploma, Three yr Motion Picture Production Design

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