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Uwe Pfaff - out of time out of mind | Contemporary Art Modern Art
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Uwe Pfaff - "out of time out of mind"

"out of time out of mind"

out of time out of mind
Other, US$ 754

out of time out of mind

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W: 870mm x H: 1800mm x D: 50mm
W: 34" x H: 71" x D: 2"

This work is unframed


US$ 754


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About "out of time out of mind"

somebody once referred to the coelacanth as the "fish out of time". It is as though he refused to take part in the evolution and remained unchanged for 400 mio years. Yet everything changed around him.
I have put evolution inside him. A spaceship. The cargo, the tree of life with the seeds of life growing on it.
forces of light and darkness attempting to claim the seeds before they fertilize the egg.
ONE always makes it.
In the engine room at the bottom, the protagonists.
Representing heaven and hell, steering the spaceship.
On top, in the capsule, Charles Darwin wuth a pet monkey.
It is interesting to note that it is the interplay between light and dark, good and evil is holding everything in balance.

Uwe Pfaff

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About Uwe

Uwe Pfaff

With my recent body of work I am going back to my roots. Drawing lines. This time I am using a cutting torch as my pen. It gives me particular pleasure to watch the hot flame slicing through cold steel.
The images suggest legends, myths, tall tales, futuristic tales and stories that have not been told yet.
My favourite image the halfangleman surfaces again and again. These unique Circumnavigators are explorers of the edges of time. Warrior-type creatures with past and future printed onto their skin.

With my screen prints I am using bold lines and colours that make the images vibrate, elevating the glyphs from the papers surface. creating tattoos, needle tracks, veins, roadmaps, galaxies and secret messages.

Price Range

US$ 139-1,624



1979 Cape Town Biennale
1980 18 Cape Artists
1981 Republic Festival Art Exhibition Durban
1982 One-Man Show of Sculptures
1989 Images of Wood
1990 One-Man Show of Ceramic Sculptures
1992 Group Show Drawings
2000 One-Man Show of Paintings, Sculptures and Prints
2001 Group Show of metal-pictures, Cape gallery, Cape Town
2001 Solo Show of metal-pictures, In Fin Art, V&A Waterfront
2002 Solo Show, FAG Stellenbosch, Group show, BANG Cape Town,
Group Show London, Group show SIEGEN, Germany
2003 Solo Show STUDIO 77 Cape Town, Group Show CHELSEA London,


Part-time studies of Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Sculpture.

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