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Belinda Ormond - Paper Scroll I (Front) | Contemporary Art
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Belinda Ormond - "Paper Scroll I (Front)"

"Paper Scroll I (Front)"

Paper Scroll I (Front)
Ceramic, US$ 232

Paper Scroll I (Front)

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print in copper oxide

W: 300mm x H: 650mm x D: 120mm
W: 12" x H: 26" x D: 5"

Approx. Weight: 1.2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 232


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About "Paper Scroll I (Front)"

Paper and clay can be successfully combined into a single material, contrary to expectation, given that clay must inevitably be fired. In using paperclay to create the scrolls I want to demonstrate the uses of the two materials individually and in combination. The paper lends wooden strength to raw clay. Clay is a malleable sculpting material. Both can be printed on.

I began using paper clay for its use as a paper thin slab. On separate projects I was experimenting with printing on clay until I had the idea to combine the two processes creating Paper Scrolls. Papyrus scrolls replaced the more cumbersome clay tablet whereas I am essentially returning to a clay document mimicking the scroll.

Scrolls were records preserving knowledge and the act of making precise copies to spread this knowledge became a valued skill. The innovations of paper and the printing press were a means to cheaply replicate information for mass distribution. To produce the Paper Scrolls several processes of duplication have taken place. They start out hand drawn on paper and are then scanned, copied to flash drive and photocopied before final print to clay. Today information can be simply and accurately reproduced with technology, compared to the old scribe's laborious efforts. Copyright is, as a result, a modern concern.

Belinda Ormond

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About Belinda

I am largely inspired by the natural world we live in, and the colour and content of my work reflects this. The constant play of light and shadow around us is visible in my work. I sculpt with light as a tool; reading the shadows that arise from the fall of light on a sculpted line. Life and its sights are a constant marvel to me. I like to find beauty and if I don't see it in something to recreate it with beauty.

Price Range

US$ 61-463


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