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Michael Cloete - Paradise Is What You Make of It | Contemporary Art
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Michael Cloete - "Paradise Is What You Make of It"

"Paradise Is What You Make of It"

Paradise Is What You Make of It
Oil, US$ 1,115

Paradise Is What You Make of It

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W: 1540mm x H: 1220mm x D: 42mm
W: 61" x H: 48" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 8.4kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,115


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About "Paradise Is What You Make of It"

Paradise is what you make of it!

I painted this painting because of this time of my life I was going through I little bit of a bad spot emotionally I did not earn a salary and was down in the dumps. I could not give my girlfriend now wife what I wanted to give her, so I got this image in my head and had to put it on canvas.

If you have nothing and all you can afford is a dry slice of bread and a mug off black coffee, then that should be your paradise, you should be gratefull for what you have and not be sad for what you don’t have. It sometimes might feel as if you are going nowhere but that’s only because a minute has 60 seconds. Getting somewhere does take time and your dry slice will turn to delicious freshly baked bread and you should make the most out of our current situation

Michael Cloete

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About Michael

Michael Cloete

Its funny how people are so in tuned with themselves, for instance somebody can be so sad and bitter inside but will shine bright and will be as beautiful as a sunflower the sun. There thoughts are never truly shared with the world and they most probeberly never truly will. What I am trying to paint is paintings that they can relate to. So that they can know and understand that they are not alone and that there are people that think about them and that share the same feelings whether they are happy, sad or even are afraid of being forgotten.

Price Range

US$ 96-1,115


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