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Ulrich Riek - Scorpius | Contemporary Art
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Ulrich Riek - "Scorpius"


Mixed Media, US$ 411


Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Mixed Media

W: 500mm x H: 800mm x D: 200mm
W: 20" x H: 31" x D: 8"

Approx. Weight: 3.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 411 SOLD


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About "Scorpius"

The circle in the centre of the artwork is earth and man's belief that we are the centre of the universe.The wiring is a representation of our preoccupation with being constantly connected via internet, cellphones and satellites.The blue square in the top left corner that shatters and returns back to a square is a representation of how history keeps repeating it's self and the perspex shows that we are aware of the repetition but don't change. The ball suspended in the bottom left corner is the imminent threat that constantly hangs over our heads, the ball is a time bomb on a millepede's back (our constant movement). The red scorpion is mother earth waiting to strike once she has had enough.

Ulrich Riek

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About Ulrich

Ulrich Riek

Ulrich Riek was born in 1964 in the North West Province, after completing two years of national service he completed the Graphic design diploma at Ruth Prowse School of art in Cape Town.
In addition to actively sculpting and painting, Ulrich works in the Cape Town Film Industry. Ninety percent of Ulrich's art is created with recycled and found items.

This is a short statement Ulrich made with regards to his mixed media work:

Nature and Technology: The evolution of both, combined, make for interesting visual dynamics.Discarded metals utilized in a graphic representation of an imaginary scenario, and incorporating almost robotic like creatures in three dimensions creates an almost possible situation. Ancient rock becomes modern metal, becomes rusted metal, becomes part of earth again. In such a way nature and technology are invariably the same, cycles repeated.By combining various materials in the creatures sometimes have surprising results. The stories behind each piece evolves whilst each piece is made.

Price Range

US$ 89-1,173



Stanford Gallery, Western Cape

Resonance, Waterfront, CT

Red!! The Gallery, CT

Dragonfly Studio, CT

Feathers Studios, CT

Fisherman’s Gallery, Hermanus.

VEO Gallery - Cape Town


Graphic Design Diploma, Ruth Prowse School of Art, Cape Town.

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