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George Sax - Seishin Nishikigoi | Spiritual Art World Art
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George Sax - "Seishin Nishikigoi"

"Seishin Nishikigoi"

Seishin Nishikigoi
Mixed Media, US$ 361

Seishin Nishikigoi

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Mixed Media

W: 420mm x H: 594mm
W: 17" x H: 23"

Approx. Weight: 0.3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 361


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About "Seishin Nishikigoi"

In Japanese, the word “Koi,” actually is a homophone. It is a homophone for another Japanese word meaning “love that is affectionate.” When you combine the beauty of these fish with the association to this other word, you’ll quickly see how the Koi started becoming associated with the Japanese culture’s idea of loyalty, friendship, and even love. You’ll find that this symbolism and meaning is found in a lot of music, literature, and art of the Japanese.However one doesn't have to be Japanese to appreciate thiere beauty and tranquil grace. its interesting to note that we Africans share a common belief with our Chinese brothers who believed the Koi swam up a fountain and became a dragon,much like our African equivalent the barbel who was revered and feared because people believed it could walk,obviously the metaphor indicates a creature that is able to travel to other dimensions, possibly to the supernatural world and beyond.
None the less, the painting has nothing to do with any of that,its simply about sitting peacefully by a pond waiting for your darling to arrive.

George Sax

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About George

George Sax

I just love bringing beauty into the world,its what I was born to do.
Inspired by Fire,Music,Sex,The Sun,The Moon,The Earth,Passion,Pain,Pleasure,Love,Bushido,Angels and Devils,Children and Dreams.

Price Range

US$ 361-567



I have One or two shows a year mostly small galleries,at Fashion shows,private homes or Night clubs.


Fine arts at Wits University

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