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Corne Brand-Snyman

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"Daisy Dawn"
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Daisy Dawn
US$ 71

"West Coast"
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West Coast
US$ 92

"Flower Extravaganza"
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Flower Extravaganza
US$ 302

"Two Zebras"
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Two Zebras
US$ 311

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US$ 92

"Country Boys"
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Country Boys
US$ 130

"Devine District 1"
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Devine District 1
US$ 81

"Distinct District"
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Distinct District
US$ 104

"District Clouds I"
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District Clouds I
US$ 160 144

"Countryside I"
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Countryside I
US$ 164

"District Bicycles"
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District Bicycles
US$ 104

"District Valley"
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District Valley
US$ 81

"The District"
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The District
US$ 71

"District Women"
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District Women
US$ 104

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US$ 276

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US$ 173

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Corne Brand-Snyman

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About Corne

Corne Brand-Snyman

Cornelia Brand/Snyman: "My paintings are a reflection of my complex personality and gives meaning to my life and colour to those of other"

As a child, I used to love wondering off on my own and just absorb and observe the immense space before me. My paintings are always related to an emotional memory. It could be the textures of an object, or the magic of light and color that provokes and motivates me.

I am a police woman, stationed in the Strand, South Africa, with no previous art education. My paintings are strongly influenced by the changes that took place in South Africa and in my life, since democracy where after I, like so many other South Africans, developed a far deeper awareness of the richness of his African environment and legacy. Inspired by that I have developed a passion for art, although no education in such a subject, have ever come to my mind. My paintings are naive and simplistic in form. An earthy influence is present in most works. The use of colors is highlighted by bright colors depicting the multifaceted nation. I work mainly in oils occasionally using a combination of oils and acrylics in some of my works.

Price Range

US$ 71-555



Rialto Art Gallery, Strand
Cape Town Festival, VEO Cape Town Spring Art Fair, Art at Home Gallery,
Forensic artist - trained by FBI, USA,
Oops it's Art Exhibition, Port Elizabeth
Solo Exhibition, London. UK


self taught

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