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Annette du Plessis

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"The Gooseberry Madonna (Giclée print) "
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The Gooseberry Madonna (Giclée print)
US$ 200 180

"Beautiful Earth From Space Lab (Embroidered) "
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Beautiful Earth From Space Lab (Embroidered)
US$ 200

"Beautiful Earth From Space Lab (GicléE Print) "
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Beautiful Earth From Space Lab (GicléE Print)
US$ 109

"Poetic Ponderings (Embroidered) "
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Poetic Ponderings (Embroidered)
US$ 4,553

"Poetic Ponderings (Giclée print) "
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Poetic Ponderings (Giclée print)
US$ 228

"Steps on a Hill (Embroidered) "
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Steps on a Hill (Embroidered)
US$ 84

"Two Plants (Embroidered) "
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Two Plants (Embroidered)
US$ 200 180

"Two plants (Giclée print) "
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Two plants (Giclée print)
US$ 109

"Barking Dog (Giclée Print)"
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Barking Dog (Giclée Print)
US$ 109

"Sparkle (Embroidered Art) "
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Sparkle (Embroidered Art)
US$ 273

"Sparkle (Giclée Print)"
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Sparkle (Giclée Print)
US$ 118

"An Ocean of His Love Floods Through Me"
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An Ocean of His Love Floods Through Me
US$ 1,912 1,530

" Swallowing down - Good Intentions (Textile art)"
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Swallowing down - Good Intentions (Textile art)
US$ 1,912 1,530

"Steps on a Hill (GicléE Print)"
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Steps on a Hill (GicléE Print)
US$ 73

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US$ 364

"African Queen"
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African Queen
US$ 1,912

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Annette du Plessis

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About Annette

Annette du Plessis

Annette Du Plessis 1955, Cape Town, South Africa) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By examining the ambiguity and origination via retakes and variations, Du Plessis tries to increase the dynamic between audience and author by objectifying emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations.

Her artworks directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, she tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.

Her works never show the complete structure. This results in the fact that the artist can easily imagine an own interpretation without being hindered by the historical reality. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, she wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation.

Her works appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. Annette Du Plessis currently lives in Port Elizabeth.

Price Range

US$ 54-4,553



Highbury Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth, 1993-1994 Wezandla, 1994-1995;
King George Art Gallery, 1994-1998 ~ People, Places, Perspectives (local) ~ GAP ~ EPSAFC;
'People, Places, Perspectives', Traveling of embroidered coat with bones to major Art Galleries throughout South Africa, 1994-1995;
Imvaba Exhibition, 1993, Ichthyology Department, Grahamstown, 1994 Dakawa, Grahamstown, 1994, 1997, 1998;
Eastern Cape Department Arts and Culture ~ selected artworks, 1997, ~ selected Eastern Cape artists, 'Land History and Self', 1998 at Dakawa, Grahamstown ~ selected Eastern Cape artists, Greenacres and Wezandla;
Wezandla 'Pendula Women's Art Exhibition', Port Elizabeth, 1995; Human Rights Exhibition, UPE & Dower College, Port Elizabeth, 1997-1998;
'The Rebirth of Art ', Centenary, UPE, Port Elizabeth, 1997-1998;
Le Broc, Vancouver, Canada, textile tapestry, 1998;
Women's Art Exhibition, King Edward Hotel, Port Elizabeth, 1999; Partnership Port Elizabeth & Goteborg, 'Face to Face Exhibition', in Goteborg, 2000;
Dammetjies Business Consultants, Port Elizabeth, Local artist exhibition, 2005;
Artists in Transition, Red Location Museum, Port Elizabeth, 2006/7;
Port Elizabeth contemporary artists, Red Location Museum , Port Elizabeth, 2007/8;
HIV/AIDS embroidered art with found objects, 'No Name Fever', Red Location Museum, Port Elizabeth, 2007 - 2009;
Dorelle Sapere, Annette du Plessis & Pine Pienaar Photographer group, ARTEC, Port Elizabeth, 2010;
RE.SPONSE,Ex NMMU students, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum (Port Elizabeth) & William Humphries Gallery (Kimberley), 2010;

A Cultural Bridge - India/ South Africa, "Land Unity & Diversity", Pretoria Art Museum, 2010;
pARTNERS, Ron Belling Art Gallery, Port Elizabeth, 2017;
Art & Eastern Cape Artists, Athenaeum Port Elizabeth, 2011;
Vice Chancellor's Permanent Exhibition, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth;
Goteborg Arts and Culture Department (Headoffice), Sweden, Permanent Exhibition


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