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Matthys Ferreira

Matthys does not currently have any pieces available here - if you are interested in this artist's work please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Matthys Ferreira

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About Matthys

Matthys Ferreira

My life has been and still is filled with many wonderful learning experiences. Having served in the police for 22 years, of which the latter 15 as a specialist forensic photographer, lecturer and some, I have, for sure seen more than what most would in many lifetimes and it has been enriching to say the least. It has been a fertile ground for generating wisdom, insight and above all, a respect for all that is.

I resigned in 1989 and moved into the corporate world - the photographic industry in particular. This not only brought valuable business acumen, but also exposure to many of the most creative people in this country. It also opened me up to my own creativity.

During a two-year period of taking off the universe guided me through many very enriching experiences of which writing spiritual essays and prose became a daily activity.

These writings has now seen the light as an eBook titled Journey from within - a potpourri of essays, prose with fine art imagery and one short story.

During this time I also studied various alternative healing techniques and therapies which brought me closer to my own core and beingness. I became an avid student of ancient wisdom and philosophy and taught me to embrace the thought - I know who I am, because I also know who I am not.

Photography is the art which I use to realize my emotional response to the environment or a particular subject matter visually. I believe that through my Fine Art images, I create art which offers the viewer eternal possibilities to connect with the universe on levels that they would probably do not even recognize.

I don't like to set things up, thus I prefer to be left to my own devices and time. I prefer to capture the energy as it is presented and then create with that. Creating quality images then become an act of intense awareness of what is. Photoshop does not create my images - I use it as tool only to fine tune and enhance already good quality images.

I am essentially a quiet being - I love nature, good music (do play a little also). I love everybody and I love nobody. I travel light - at least, this is my intention and I find wonderful gifts within the simplicity and wabi-sabi philosophy (google it)!

Thank you for visiting. If it is to be, perhaps one of my fine art works will find its way into your life.

Peace be with you - travel in beauty.

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US$ 40-40



Pretoria Art Society

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