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Goodman Ndlovu

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US$ 186

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US$ 310

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US$ 238

"Impilo Yamanzi"
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Impilo Yamanzi
US$ 310

"Mr and Mrs Ndlovu"
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Mr and Mrs Ndlovu
US$ 186

"Winter (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)"
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Winter (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)
US$ 310

"Summer (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)"
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Summer (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)
US$ 258

"Mr and Mrs Dladla"
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Mr and Mrs Dladla
US$ 186

"Autumn (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)"
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Autumn (Giuseppe Arcimboldo)
US$ 258

"Mr and Mrs Shezi"
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Mr and Mrs Shezi
US$ 186

"Ingwe Municipality Mayor"
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Ingwe Municipality Mayor
US$ 186

"Fiona Kirkwood"
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Fiona Kirkwood
US$ 103

"Mr and Mrs Manyathi"
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Mr and Mrs Manyathi
US$ 186

"Professor David McQuoid-Mason"
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Professor David McQuoid-Mason
US$ 145

"Jabu Ndlovu"
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Jabu Ndlovu
US$ 103

"Mrs Pillay"
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Mrs Pillay
US$ 103

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Goodman Ndlovu

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About Goodman

Goodman Ndlovu

I was born at Inanda
KwaBesta 40km north of
Durban . I was raised by a
single mom, Thembi Ndlovu
in a family of five children,
four girls and one boy, I am
the last born. All I know
about my father, Phindela
Zulu, it that he lived at
eNkandla and worked for Shell
and BP.
My mother was very
creative ; she sewed her own
cloths even her wedding
dress. She took my older
sister and myself to live with
her friend Mr. Eddie Meth the
owner of Pisces Swimming
Academy in Sydenham. Mr
Meth putted us through
Primary School. I schooled at
Charles Hugo in Sydenham
from grade 0 to grade 4, then
moved back to Inanda.
At Inanda I attended a school
called Ikusasalentsha, I
studied there for 2 years,
grade 5 an 6. It was during
the time I recieved the news
of my mother's death, it was
shocking news even though
she was sick for a very long
time, my mom was buried at
a farm in Ndwedwe.
I left school for a while, my
aunt got me back to a school
called Buhlebethu P.P School
were I completed grade 6 an
7, this is where I discovered my
talent and love for sketching.
In 2005 at Buhlebethu P.P
school was receiving a visit by
the honorable MEC Prof.
Gabriel Ndabandaba. Several
learners were chosen to draw
a portrait of the MEC and I
was not a part of those
learners because my talent
was unknown to everyone. A
teacher named Miss Mthiyane
spotted me drawing a portrait
of Jesus and she asked me to
draw the MEC and my portrait
was the best to be Presented to
Prof. Ndabandaba. He was so
impressed he asked for my
details. I recieved the good
news that Prof Ndabandaba
was going to help me with
school requirements. Once I
chose my high school, JG
Zuma High, I contacted Prof.
Ndabandaba who arranged to
meet me at Gem School wear
with my former Mrs. Nana
Ndlovu from Buhlebethu P.P
School. Proffessor
Ndabandaba bought
everything I needed, I was
treated like a VIP on that day
I had a coffee with Mr Pandor
the owner of Gem school
wear and we walked all with
Mr Eddie Meth was very
surprised to hear about my
artistic talents and he
arranged for me to join the
Saturday arts classes at
Durban city hall, he paid for
my arts classes and all my
expensive equipment. He is
like father to me. He taught
to swim when i was a little
kid he always look after me
when ever I need help I
always turn on him, for bus-
fare and my excursion.
In 2007 I decided to put a
stand at Phoenix Plaza centre
I was so naive I did not asked
for a permission and I was
chased by securities, and
went back and asked for a
small space at Plaza
Manangement they putted in
the centre where I did well on
my school holidays.
In 2008 I decided to move to a
bigger centre I spoke
Musgrave Centre Marketing Mananger Mr.
Panday, who invited me to
display my artwork in the
centre exhibition. The
exhibition was for
proffessional artist such as
Steve Mandy, Isaac Sthole,
Robert Bolter as wel as
Claude Chaundle. The show
was great it where I met
Steve Mandy who helps me
with art lessons.
In 2010 I was a part of Prosperity
murals it was a lot of fun
working with many artists.
I exhibited for the first time on
Izikhwephezethu 2010
held in Durban art gallary
Many thanks to everyone
who has surported me until today

Price Range

US$ 71-413



Durban Art Gallery izikhwephe zethu 2010


Self taught Artist

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