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Josef Gocke

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"First Date"
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First Date
US$ 585 410

"Heidelberg in Germany"
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Heidelberg in Germany
US$ 878

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US$ 536

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US$ 634

"Old Cape Mountain"
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Old Cape Mountain
US$ 439

"Seascape Evening"
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Seascape Evening
US$ 878

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US$ 185

"Nelson Mandela"
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Nelson Mandela
US$ 283

"Hexriver Farmland"
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Hexriver Farmland
US$ 380

"Last Visit"
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Last Visit
US$ 3,804

"The Tiger"
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The Tiger
US$ 244

"Cape Town Clouds"
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Cape Town Clouds
US$ 380

"Bright New Day"
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Bright New Day
US$ 146

"The Helmet"
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The Helmet
US$ 634

"The Sailing Ships"
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The Sailing Ships
US$ 585

"Mountains and Seascape"
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Mountains and Seascape
US$ 244

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Josef Gocke

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About Josef

Josef Gocke

I was born in the southern part of Germany as the youngest of 9 children and had the opportunity to watch my Father creating many oil paintings in landscape, portraits, seascapes and any other subject's thinkable. Many were sold during and after the war to France, America and Germany. At about 12 years old I tried my first oil painting and at 20 years old I was able to do commission work. After serving 2 years in the German Army I graduated at the Textile Technology-School in Reutlingen Germany as a Weaving Master and immigrated to South Africa in 1971. After working for several Companies I was able to start my own Weaving and operated for 8 Years until Retirement.
Until today I created about 40 Paintings in South Africa and being close to the Sea gives me the opportunity to paint what I see and with all of my subjects it is 100% Original.

Price Range

US$ 58-48,767



About 5 one men and 2 team exhibitions in germany


Gratuated at Textile Technology-School Reutlingen in Germany.I

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