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Imola Popescu Feldberg

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"Dinner for One"
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Dinner for One
US$ 1,852

"Looking for Angels"
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Looking for Angels
US$ 926

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Imola Popescu Feldberg

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About Imola

Imola Popescu Feldberg

Deceased - no works on sale till further notice.
The gentle touch of feelings is inspiring me, the wild need of freedom is creating my world, the love of them all keeps me going. Life is teaching me still...


I am not a well selling artist, I am not rich -- most of my works are perceived as scary -- for which I am sorry because my true nature is opposite of being scared or trying to scare off people. I believe that we all should enjoy life for how it is. The figures that appear in my works and seem to be of exagerated and scary expressions, but they are mostly just puppets and dolls, craft projects made with children in Botswana. They are funny objects made out of paper machee, rags/textiles/fibres, found materials, clayworks, sculptures made from plaster of Paris -- I am using them as models to illustrate the love and fun I experienced when working with the children of Botswana. For the rest, it is only about the artist's condition in a passive agressive environment where material concerns leave little time and resources to the avrage viewer to be interested in fine arts -- forsaking an artist to feel lonely and isolated in modern society.

Price Range

US$ 96-1,852



Group and solo exhibitions in Galati, Craiova, Constanta, Mamaia, Bucharest -Romania, Strydom Gallery - George,Knysna Art Gallery, S.A.
Works in private and corporate collections in Europe, USA, South Africa -- situation resulted after an activity of lifetime. Some works have been donated and not sold on occasions of creative camp activity, myself being part of the invited artists. Please note that I am not an artist that is selling her paintings at huge amounts of money. Some works appear as sold as this site has no option for notes regarding works that are too personal to be sold -- or works offered to friends or donated to Monasteries or local museums to benefit the art loving public at large. The later is the target of my efforts -- God bless them all for their support! The few works I am selling can hardly cover the costs to transport the paintings to the exhibition sites, to buy art materials that are quite expensive. I am grateful to my husband that his support made possible the work to realize the body of works, partially shown here on this site.


Academy of Visual Arts, Bucharest, Romania

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