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Louise Kluyts

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"Abstract Landscape"
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Abstract Landscape
US$ 334

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US$ 73

"Patterns in Still Life"
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Patterns in Still Life
US$ 90

"Blue pot"
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Blue pot
US$ 90

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US$ 696

"The Gateway"
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The Gateway
US$ 835

"Entering the Artery"
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Entering the Artery
US$ 557

"Overberg Farm"
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Overberg Farm
US$ 557

"Keeper of Knowledge"
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Keeper of Knowledge
US$ 334

"African Dreaming"
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African Dreaming
US$ 334

"Ginger Cat"
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Ginger Cat
US$ 260

"Overberg in the Red"
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Overberg in the Red
US$ 111

"Winter in Witsand"
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Winter in Witsand
US$ 223

"Growing into Pink"
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Growing into Pink
US$ 130

"The Storm Comes In"
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The Storm Comes In
US$ 232

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US$ 158

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Louise Kluyts

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About Louise

Louise Kluyts

I'm inspired by colour, texture and nature. I love to paint to such an extend that I become completely depressed when i'm in situations where I cannot expres myself through art. It is in my blood and part of what defines me as a person.

I am intrueged about the elusiveness of emotions in art and the means to capture that elusiveness. In my abstracts I always find myself and my symbols of life, Im my paintings of people I always try to only capture the essence, the soul and oftentimes surprise myself by how strong the lines of the soul is expressed through my own hands, as if it should be more elusive, and yet the lines itself becomes stronger as i'm progressing as an artist.

Price Range

US$ 58-835



2 group exhibitions In Blaawberg with local artist
1 group exhibition in Rondebosch
2 group exhibition in heidelberg Cape with local artists
Christmas group exhibition VEO Gallery Cape Town 2008
ANI-MAL group Exhibition June 2009
June 2009 Strydom Gallery Exhibition
August 2009 - 99 on Beach - Heidelberg Group Hope Exhibition
Work permanently on display at the Star Nation Art Studio and Gallery in heidelberg, Cape
Desember 2010 - 2013 Heidelberg Group Exhibition, Heidelberg
2014-2017 - group Exhibition Heidelberg Group
2015 - Group Exhibition Montagu Rose Exhibition
2014 & 2015 - Swellendam Toyota Art Exhibition
2018 - Heidelberg Group Art Exhibition
2019 - Heidelberg Group Exhibition
2019 - Hessequa Harmonie Exhibition


BA Social Science

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