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Nadine Lewis

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"Aloes against Ice Blue Sky I"
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Aloes against Ice Blue Sky I
US$ 456

"Cape Aloes"
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Cape Aloes
US$ 627

"Aloes - Ice Blue Sky"
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Aloes - Ice Blue Sky
US$ 114 98

"Ferox Aloes"
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Ferox Aloes
US$ 171

"Three Color Aloes"
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Three Color Aloes
US$ 228

"Antarctica - Set of 3"
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Antarctica - Set of 3
US$ 114

"Antarctica Skyline"
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Antarctica Skyline
US$ 205

"Pink Organza in Blue (Jellyfish)"
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Pink Organza in Blue (Jellyfish)
US$ 228 205

"Antarctica Icescape"
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Antarctica Icescape
US$ 74

"Sunset in Antarctica"
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Sunset in Antarctica
US$ 137

"Iceberg, Antarctica"
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Iceberg, Antarctica
US$ 205

"Blue Glacier, Antarctica"
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Blue Glacier, Antarctica
US$ 205

"Antarctica Seascape"
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Antarctica Seascape
US$ 228

"Pleneau Bay, Antarctica"
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Pleneau Bay, Antarctica
US$ 137

"Headland, Antarctica"
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Headland, Antarctica
US$ 399

"Row Boat at Plettenberg Bay"
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Row Boat at Plettenberg Bay
US$ 103 95

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Nadine Lewis

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About Nadine

Nadine Lewis

I started doing art seriously when I was 12 years old and had the privilege of attending classes with the the late Bill Ainslie.

The time I spent with Bill Ainslie and his teachers at what became the Johannesburg Art Foundation had a profound influence on my work and my outlook on art. Bill’s style of teaching promoted freedom of expression, self-exploration and innovation.

On finishing school and contrary to Bill’s advice, I “strayed” and chose to be “pragmatic”, studying maths and science, teaching, working in the computer industry and finally ended up in the corporate world.

During all this time, my art remained a mere 'flicker' but finally in my mid-forties, I came to my sense and re-discovered the 'magic'.

I remain a maverick and refuse to be pigeon-holed or settle into one style or one medium. While some may find this 'dilettante' I treat each each painting like a love affair: sometimes we fight; sometimes we don't speak to one another and sometimes ... well what can I say?

If I describe my forties as a 're-awakening' I think I will describe my fifties as the decade of second chances. Ricky Burnett, one of my art teachers from those early years, came back to SA, and it is exhilarating to once again be in that 'safe' explorative and creative space.

Price Range

US$ 57-627



Winner of the SAAGA(South African Avocado Growers Association)Art Competition (May 2007)
Industrial Development Corporation Exhibition (30 May to 29 August 2007)
Romeo and Juliet Ballet Exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Theatre at the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg (March 2007)


BSc; H Dip Ed (PG); MBA

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