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Bijou Moynot

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"Impending Storm"
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Impending Storm
US$ 808

"Beautiful African Sky"
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Beautiful African Sky
US$ 817

"Body & Soul, Turmoil & Peace"
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Body & Soul, Turmoil & Peace
US$ 863

"Kau March Blues & Greens, South America"
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Kau March Blues & Greens, South America
US$ 863

"Pula(Rain), Pula at Last!"
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Pula(Rain), Pula at Last!
US$ 454

"Erongo Hills: Breaking Away"
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Erongo Hills: Breaking Away
US$ 772

"At Night by the Seaside"
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At Night by the Seaside
US$ 200

"Bourget Lake, France"
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Bourget Lake, France
US$ 708

"Blues and Greys from Tanzania"
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Blues and Greys from Tanzania
US$ 681

"Yellows and Palm Trees, France"
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Yellows and Palm Trees, France
US$ 895

"Ramadan Night, Abu Dhabi"
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Ramadan Night, Abu Dhabi
US$ 1,362

"Dragensberg Moonrise"
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Dragensberg Moonrise
US$ 200

"Die Weld"
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Die Weld
US$ 227

"Springtime over Pretoria"
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Springtime over Pretoria
US$ 200

"Mnemba Sunset"
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Mnemba Sunset
US$ 908

"Middle East Street"
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Middle East Street
US$ 727

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Bijou Moynot

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About Bijou

Bijou Moynot

Born in Neuilly, a beautiful suburb of Paris, into a highly educated family. In her early years she was primarily educated in Italy. Thereafter her studies continued in Paris where she was also a student in ballet with Paul Goube's Academy. Graduated from the Perimony Drama School in Paris. For many years she was a [0x1]Haute Couture[0x1] model with the top Designers
in Paris. Her close friends during this period were Show business personalities, singers, french actors, designers and famous artists like Marc Estel and Lie-a-Fo

She lived in the Middle East, Far East and South America for the next 26 years. In 1992 she arrived in South Africa and pursued her early passion for welding and continued to make steel sculptures. Many exhibitions followed which also included her work in ceramics.

Jointly with Pierre, her French husband, they have nine children, one by Bijou,four by Pierre, and four adopted black boys from the streets of Pretoria. Because of her work and her father and husband[0x1]s ones, she lived in many different countries which had a great influence on her.

She places no limit on life, irrespective of race, standard of living or culture. She loves differences. Her favorite sports include mountain climbing, squash, water and snow skiing and motorbike cross country.

She loves animals, especially horses and dogs. Her other fields of interest apart from painting include reading, theater, movies, ballet and fashion. She speaks French, English, and Italian; understands Afrikaans, and a little Arabic.

[0xC2AB] What should I say[0x1] That, like Dali, the first thing I look for when I start to paint are my brushes?

Yes of course but I am not Dali! I would rather explain to you that as a nomadic french artist, I have used all the different cultures, beauty and colors of the numerous countries I had lived in. But what is very strange is that these images,
like melting pots, always end up with a Parisian touch.

Technically I love to create strong patinas, to work with contrasting colors, to mix rough and delicate, dark and bright, calm and confusion. The result, I hope, is magic [0xC2BB].

Price Range

US$ 163-4,087



In 2003 she joined the Ernst de Jong Academy of Fine Art. Since becoming an “Artist of the Academy” she has held frequent exhibitions and at the last exhibition at the Academy Gallery
at the State Theater she had a sell out of her paintings. Now as a solo artist many other successful exhibitions followed in South Africa.
She is represented in Private Collections in France, Germany,Belgium and South Africa.
She is also very proud to be represented,in the private house and office of SA president and SA vice president.
Her nomadic life has left it's mark on her work and she has developed an unmistakable and sophisticated
quality greatly sought after by art connoisseurs.

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