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Brandon Lee Ponen

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"Cat and Butterfly Encounter "
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Cat and Butterfly Encounter
US$ 88

"No Evil Shall Prevail (Trompe L'Oeil) "
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No Evil Shall Prevail (Trompe L'Oeil)
US$ 438

"The Mountains"
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The Mountains
US$ 105

"Hand Drawing Light Bulb "
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Hand Drawing Light Bulb
US$ 105

"Loadshedding (Electricity Restriction) "
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Loadshedding (Electricity Restriction)
US$ 77

"The Encounter"
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The Encounter
US$ 93

"Beggar In The City "
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Beggar In The City
US$ 61

"Sunny Afternoon "
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Sunny Afternoon
US$ 105

"Returning Home Before Sunset"
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Returning Home Before Sunset
US$ 131 118

"Sailing Through Foggy Seas"
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Sailing Through Foggy Seas
US$ 241

"Returning Home After The Storm"
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Returning Home After The Storm
US$ 99 93

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US$ 93

"Extortion "
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US$ 82

"He's Here"
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He's Here
US$ 131

"The Hand In The Mirror"
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The Hand In The Mirror
US$ 66

"What Did She See? "
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What Did She See?
US$ 69

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Brandon Lee Ponen

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About Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee Ponen

I was born on the 3 October 1990. As a young boy I took an early interest in art, loved drawing from life, objects and sceneries from around where I live which is in Pietermaritzburg. I also was very interested in portraiture. I became better and better with every piece I did, developing my own methods and techniques of creating beautiful pieces of art. Apart from art, I also enjoy playing cricket, soccer, volleyball, pool and tennis. Most of my inspiration comes from my crazy wild imagination and my surroundings. I am however very inspired and influenced by many talented artists . Love deceiving and amazing people with hyper realism. OBSERVATION is the key to a good rendering. Many of my hyper realistic drawings require tedious processes which take many hours to complete. My artistic journey has been incredible. I do hope you enjoy browsing through my art.

Price Range

US$ 45-2,126


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