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Dale Robertson

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"Rock Climb"

Rock Climb
US$ 269

"sensual portrait 1"

sensual portrait 1
US$ 408

"sensual portrait 2"

sensual portrait 2
US$ 408

"rock climb"

rock climb
US$ 269


US$ 204

"nude back"

nude back
US$ 204

"sun goddess 2"

sun goddess 2
US$ 653

"sun goddess 3"

sun goddess 3
US$ 653

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Dale Robertson

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About Dale

Dale Robertson

Life inspires me, a photograph to me is more than just snap shot, we as photographers have the privilage of capturing a moment in someones life, a moment that we can never recapture, to own such an art work we to can own a moment in someones life timeless never to age or grow old perhaps an escape from the reality we live in, if only we could capture every moment of our life to have a record of our existence. photography for is a way of Immortalizing a person in the way that they feel, be it joy, sexual, fun, sadness an artistic expression of where we are in our lives.

Price Range

US$ 139-653


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