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Niel van Vuuren

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US$ 274

"Ordinary girl"
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Ordinary girl
US$ 442

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US$ 221

"Nudes on a hill"
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Nudes on a hill
US$ 372

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Niel van Vuuren

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About Niel

Niel van Vuuren

Ni[0xC3AB]l van Vuuren is a South African contemporary, cartoon and comic strip artist and illustrator. He was born in Namibia in 1968 and is a self-taught artist who comes from a family of artists. From a young age, his interest lay in painting, history, politics, and political cartooning. He graduated from the University of South Africa with an honours degree in International Politics in 1994.
In 2008 Ni[0xC3AB]l completed a few cartoons for Rapport[0x1]s editorial page. In 2009 he became the co-cartoonist for South Africa[0x1]s largest Afrikaans daily newspaper, [0x1]Beeld[0x1]. In 2010 he started working for the Volksblad (published in the Northern Cape and Free State). His cartoons appear in Beeld on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and in [0x1]Volksblad[0x1] on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Niel[0x1]s fine art cannot be restricted to one style or formula. When he starts a painting, whatever he feels like expressing or conveying on canvass is the determining factor of his stylistic choice. His works range from simple ink and charcoal drawings to abstracts and impressionistic pieces, depending on his preference for the chosen subject. His mastery of the organic (living) form, human expression and his unusual use of colour are all a result of and influenced by his daily cartoon work.
He has participated in a number of group exhibitions and sells his work mostly privately.

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US$ 221-442



Fresh Talent - Alice Art


BA honours (International Relations)

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