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Janine Morgan - "Dragonflies& Fireflies Mosaic"

"Dragonflies& Fireflies Mosaic"

Dragonflies& Fireflies Mosaic
Mosaic, US$734

Dragonflies& Fireflies Mosaic

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W: 700mm x H: 410mm x D: 95mm
W: 28" x H: 16" x D: 4"

Approx. Weight: 11kg

This work is unframed





(with the artist)


Dragonfly Lightbox

About "Dragonflies& Fireflies Mosaic"

This beautiful artwork not only serves as decoration, but is functional as well. One hundred fairylights light up this mosaic piece from the inside, making it glow with a soft, romantic beauty.
If you're looking for an original creation that will be the central topic of discussion, art with the WOW-factor, this is it.

Janine Morgan

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About Janine

Janine Morgan

Janine is an Artist with based in South Africa.

Living creatively is my passion - my life. I am lucky to do something creative every day of my life, and I love sharing it.

I love working in a variety of mediums, from Oil paintings, pencil sketching, Mosaics, to Ceramic Sculpting and more . . .

I currently give Mosaic art, Fine art painting, Soul Discovery painting classes, as well as Pewter Repousse workshops from my home studio, and am passionate about teaching my students to be more creative, and discover their hidden talents.

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