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Wayne Hadley Ross - "B'Simcha A1 Stretched Print"

"B'Simcha A1 Stretched Print"

B'Simcha A1 Stretched Print
oil on canvas, US$212

B'Simcha A1 Stretched Print

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oil on canvas

W: 841mm x H: 594mm x D: 5mm
W: 33" x H: 23" x D:

This work is unframed





(with the artist)



About "B'Simcha A1 Stretched Print"

Joy, a celebration, a union of two people coming from disparate backgrounds, chassidic and secular.

Wayne Hadley Ross

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About Wayne Hadley

Wayne Hadley is an Artist with based in South Africa.

I give thanks to Hashem for blessing me with my talent. I grew up in Johannesburg and at a very early age realised I had been blessed with artistic talent. I am completely self taught and believe in total self expression which I feel adds immensely to the character of the piece.
In my work I try capture a deeper insight into the world as we perceive it. Some of my work contains hidden dimensions that are not apparent on a cursory glance.
I am drawn to surrealism and spiritualism and try incorporate these into my works.
I am a firm believer that inherent in each of us is a unique talent that if nurtured and developed can be of great value and upliftment to the world, this for me is my passion to bring something of inspiring beauty and value into this world and into the homes that they find.

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Toronto Canada - Number Two Exhibition - 2002
Hamilton Canada - Art in The House - 2005


Self taught

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