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Dylan Williams - "tribal mother"

"tribal mother"

tribal mother
Oil on Canvas, US$ 326

tribal mother

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Oil on Canvas

W: 457mm x H: 609mm
W: 18" x H: 24"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed




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About "tribal mother"

Ritual derived from African tribal, If the child stops crying when a particular name is called out, that is its name

Dylan Williams

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About Dylan

Dylan Williams

Sun of Freedom
The sun smiles in the
heart of a nation, gleaming bright freedom’s highway,
roads of inspiration, peace a by way. The future cities,
hope for us all, transform yourself and the lands will follow.
Diamond sands flow, while a pennywhistle bows-
lively and rhythmic – as a nation grows. People of beauty,
sounds of joy, nourishing, flouring like daisies
wash over the savannah, fields of
colour around a Marula. Wild lives gather in pride while the Red-Hot Poker
bows to the Blushing Bride. The Golden Gladiolus,
the last of its kind, the Dik-Dik and
Duiker romping outside. As if to a
rhythm, we all have inside,
South Africa our
great pride!by Dylan Williams

Since childhood, he treasured every moment drawing all around his home and even at school, he was constantly drawing. He later studied graphic design and after qualifying, he worked freelance. Only later he taught him self the fine art of oil painting and his also been published. Most of his inspiration comes from all things natural; the mood of an environment and the figures in that environment. He enjoys creating sensual nudes and loves to show the inner emotions of people and that is why his figures have an essential spiritual sense, sometimes even abstract. He reveres the moments of inspirational reflection when his artwork takes on a life of its own. His moved by the Divine as he glimpsers the indescribable, a window into another existence. It's like he receive acumen from a Divine Source and the result is an image that emanates and vibrates with emotion making a deep connection with an resonate soul, spreading light and love through his artistic works. Dylan's work can be found in private art collections.

Artistic Style

His artworks representing ideals from the modern world and culture, portrayed within classic imagery with a witty comment, which occasionally highlights social issues! His art often depicts people and animals in a lighthearted form or a more classical interpretation and he often adds text as a running commentary. His pictures represent the contracts of cultural idealism and unattainable visions found in popular culture. Fusing graphic art, stylized graffiti and more traditional styles he uses a mixture of classic painting techniques to create a contemporary interpretation.
He sights his influences as Stan Lee, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso, Tretchikoff, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Rembrandt van Rijin, and Murillo.

"I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels
Vincent Van Gogh

Price Range




He has sold artwork in South Africa and overseas!

2012 Young Concrete Sculptor Awards
2013 Online Exhibition Working Title 365
2013 -2014 Group Exhibition at Studio 41


Graphic Design / Self Taught Artist / Spier Arts Academy

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