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Monika Hackl - "Maya after Goya"

"Maya after Goya"

Maya after Goya
acrylic and oil on canvas, US$408

Maya after Goya

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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acrylic and oil on canvas

W: 1020mm x H: 910mm x D: 36mm
W: 40" x H: 36" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 2kg

This work is unframed





Goya's La Maya Desnuda

About "Maya after Goya"

Goya's Nude Maya is an enigmatic nude. I tried not only to copy it but to put it in a modern context. She has a deliberately middle eastern look which is intended as commentary on the recent outrage whereby a muslim cleric blamed women's immodest dressing for earthquakes.

Monika Hackl

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About Monika

Monika Hackl

Monika is an Artist with based in South Africa.

I paint for my pleasure, but am inspired if my paintings please someone or help to further a good cause or convey an important message. I admire the old masters like Goya, Murillo, Carravaggio and Gauguin, who not only created exceptional art, but also important commentary on the world they lived in. You may recognize some of these artists inspiration in my art.
My concerns are the preservation of our beautiful Planet Earth and the plight of women and the innocent. My works have auctioned in London to raise awareness for family planning in Southern Madagascar, in Durban in aid of abandoned babies for EveryOneCounts and in Australia for a women's shelter in Kenya.
Art to me is an important balance to counteract the consumerist and technology dominated world in which we live. We need both, but in balanced measures!

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Master Degree in Commerce, art training with Les Bird

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