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Jade Erasmus - Stretched to the Limit | Contemporary Art
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Jade Erasmus - "Stretched to the Limit"

"Stretched to the Limit"

Stretched to the Limit
Photograph, US$ 69

Stretched to the Limit

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Image available digitally in high resolution - not sold printed

W: 1mm x H: 1mm x D: 1mm
W: x H: x D:

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 69


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bubble streched

About "Stretched to the Limit"

Even when you are streched to your limit... God CAN reflect His character through you if you allow Him to do so. Can you imagine a world where people have characters like Jesus?

Jade Erasmus

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About Jade

Jade Erasmus

Ever taken a photo of a breathtaking scene and realised that the photo simply doesn't do any justice to what you are experiencing?
That is my motto: I simply cannot capture the experience of a landscape, a flower, a moment or a feeling realistically. So my art is a new experience entirely. Maybe one day I will find a trend or golden thread through all my work. For now, though, each painting is new and takes me by surprise as much as it might anyone looking at the final product. I experiment with colour, texture and what ever technique comes to mind at the time. It's my therapy.
My message... As my art is often not spectacular or extraordinar... In life it is enough to just be you. What makes us special is not what we are, it is seeing our Creator's hand in us.

Price Range

US$ 57-429



Currently... my paintings are hanging in various people's homes - friends, family - and a few are in my cupboard where they should stay :)
Photos are printed here and there, but all available in the digital format.


Life; Nursing (B.Cur - UWC); Medicine (MBBCh - Wits)

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