The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland Affordable Art 11723
Stef Terblanche - The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland | Contemporary Art Fine Art
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Stef Terblanche - "The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland"

"The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland"

The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland
Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,357

The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland

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Oil on Canvas

W: 1270mm x H: 1020mm
W: 50" x H: 40"

This work is unframed


US$ 1,357


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About "The Emperor L'Agulhas: Yonder Lies The Hinterland"

When 16th Century Portguguese seafarers reached the southernmost tip of Africa, their compass needles went funny and pointed to true north instead of magnetic north. So they named the place L'Agulhas, meaning "needles". Not long afterwards all of southern Africa, and later all of Africa, was colonised by European powers. In Cape Town is a statue of one of the main colonisers and plunderers of Africa's wealth, Cecil John Rhodes, who points north and says: yonder lies the hinterland. The mythical Emperor L'Agulhas is also pointing north and says the same thing, symbolic of the liberation of Africa from the European colonial yoke. But his cheetahs, a symbol of his royal and powerful status, are looking behind him at something that has attracted their attention. L'Agulhas is unaware of this danger that lurks from behind. Could it be new forces intent on colonising Africa in new ways?

Stef Terblanche

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About Stef

Originally established as a realist painter with a preference for landscapes and figure work, his more recent works contain more social, political and mythological undertones, often displaying an element of satire and fun within a slightly surrealist context. Simplicity of design and composition and the use of strong, bold colours giving a feeling of their warm, earthy African setting, mark the more recent works. Colour and the play of light, as well as a “traditional” attachment to the possibilities offered by paint, are important elements of his work. Noticeable in his work is the way he often suffuses his paintings with the strong, warm and relentless light found only on the African continent. The more recent paintings invariably contain figures frozen in the act of playing out life’s many intriguing dramas. They are frequently charged with intrigue, danger, passion, satire and all the other fascinating traits of human nature on the big stage of life. This too is reflected in his portrait work. While his more recent landscapes strongly refer to his current direction, his new landscapes - as in his older works - still reflect an intimate reaction to the people and places of South Africa, a reflection not only of the aesthetic content, but also the underlying sensation of time, emotion and experience...the human footprints that dot our physical and emotional landscape. He studied for a period at the Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town but is otherwise largely self-taught. He has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1996 and has won several awards. He will accept commissions based on pre-quoted agreement.

Price Range

US$ 71-1,357


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